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Rierson Fitness clients are various ages and abilities. They range from those looking to lose a few pounds, to kids getting ready for sports; from people approaching retirement to adventurers who need focused training to climb some of the world’s tallest mountains.

What makes the Rierson Fitness approach unique?

Rierson Fitness trainers believe that personal fitness is just that – personal. The company’s commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles is based on the three principles of health, strength and confidence to ensure clients achieve results that improve all aspects of their lives.

  • By taking a holistic look at your health, we help our clients to set realistic milestones to reach their goals and stay there.
  • Increasing your strength will give you the power you need to take on new challenges inside and outside of the gym.
  • With a strong and balanced physical foundation, your confidence will grow in all aspects of your life. Confidence is the ultimate goal we strive to achieve as you begin taking ownership of your health and fitness.

How is your training center different?

Our training center – located in the Warehouse on Third building (600 3rd Street) in downtown Cedar Rapids – allows our staff to provide more private and focused training experience for clients while still accessing all the latest equipment and amenities. Staff may also provide services in home or in a fitness center of the client’s choice (upon approval by trainer).

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2020  Pricing

Individual Sessions$/SessionTotal InvestmentMonthly Option
1 - 11$60
12$56$6722 installments*
24$53$12722 - 3 installments
36$50$18003 installlments
Small Group Sessions$/SessionMonthly Option
1 - 11$40
12$37.502 installments*
24$352-3 installments
36$32.503 installments
Trial Pack Sessions (Individual)$/SessionTotal Investment

What People Are Saying

Jeff is a highly educated, engaged and motivated health and wellness professional.  His energetic and personalized approach has been instrumental in keeping me motivated, focused and committed to my goals.  Plus, he is a fun and positive person to be around.

~Chris D.

Before working with Jeff I suffered low back pain as a result of improper workout technique, since working with Jeff I have experienced less back pain and feel stronger knowing that Jeff is teaching me how to do it properly, without injury and improving my fitness level.

~Katie G.

“I’m 15 pounds lighter, have a ton more energy and am working out at levels I never would have imagined.”

~ Annette B.

“I have a better understanding of the ‘how and why’ behind the way my fitness impacts me every day.”

~ Katie G.

“Jeff cares about me as a person as well as my goals and has gone above and beyond for me, time and time again.”

~Brian R.