So you think you can run…

Written By: Anne Rierson (volunteer, full time employee at Rierson Fitness)

I have always considered myself a good runner. I run almost daily to stay in shape, to clear my head and to continue to push myself. I can hold my own in most races – never winning or breaking records, but never finishing last.

Then, I met the “Curve.”

As the newest piece of training equipment at Rierson Fitness, the non-electric treadmill is unlike anything else. There is no motor, there are no buttons – it is entirely manual. The company’s web site says, “you could say it runs on sweat and determination,” which I found to be absolutely true after my first, humbling mile run on it last weekend.

I jumped on and was surprised how easy it was to begin running. I brought myself up to my typical pace fast, but holding that pace was the real challenge. Unlike electric treadmills, when I slowed down, so did my pace. Unlike running outside, I couldn’t escape it like I typically might by avoiding a quick glance at my Garmin. This time, it was staring me in the face.

I battled the Curve for a mile step for step, made it to a quarter mile, then a half, telling myself this was good for me and giving Jeff an evil eye as he watched me suffer. Finally, a mile was up. My time, let’s just say this much slower than usual.

I stepped off the Curve tired and humbled, but with a strange feeling like I’ve been missing out on “real” indoor runs for way too long.  You can read this review in Men’s Health if you still need convincing.

Some reasons why we purchase the “Curve”:

  • It offers zero ramp up time to reach your ideal pace – making it ideal for interval training and traditional distance running
  • There is no top speed (we have some speed demons in the studio)
  • May see an increase in metabolic expenditure using the “Curve” vs. a traditional treadmill
  • Offers greater use of posterior chain muscles when walking/running on it

So, you think you can run? At your next appointment, ask your trainer to have you take the “Curve Challenge,” and let us know what you think here on the blog.

On March 23, 2014 this entry was posted in Health and Fitness by Anne Rierson.